Are you embarking on the challenging USMLE journey, eager to excel and launch your medical career in the United States? Look no further. USMLE Step Squad’s Tutor Academy is privileged to have not one, but two dedicated and passionate tutors – Dr. Rab and Dr. Ronaldo – who are here to guide you through this transformative experience.

Meet Our Expert Tutors: Dr. Rab and Dr. Ronaldo

Dr. Rab, at St. George University School of Medicine, boasts an impressive academic background and an unyielding commitment to student success. With St. George University being the number one provider of first-year U.S. residents, Dr. Rab’s insights are invaluable to your journey.

Dr. Ronaldo, an MD from St. George’s University, has completed all his clerkship rotations and brings a wealth of experience to the table. His passion for medicine is evident in every aspect of his teaching, making him an exceptional tutor. With a bachelor’s degree in premedical sciences and years of tutoring experience, Ronaldo is here to support both premed and medical students, including those preparing for USMLE Step 1.

Why Choose USMLE Step Squad?

At USMLE Step Squad’s Tutor Academy, we understand the significance of the USMLE exams and the importance of tailored guidance. Dr. Rab and Dr. Ronaldo’s dedication, coupled with our comprehensive resources, ensures that you receive top-tier support throughout your journey.

Comprehensive Resources for Your Success

Our academy offers an array of resources designed to accommodate your unique learning style and needs. Whether you’re seeking study materials, practice exams, or personalized tutoring, our commitment to your success extends beyond the classroom.

Join Our Thriving Community

But it’s not just about the resources; it’s about the community. At USMLE Step Squad’s Tutor Academy, you become part of a dynamic network of local and international students. Together, we share experiences, knowledge, and insights that can significantly impact your journey toward success.

Proven Track Record with Over 90% Success

What sets USMLE Step Squad apart is our remarkable success rate. Dr. Rab, Dr. Ronaldo, and our experienced team have guided countless students to success, achieving a remarkable 90% success rate in USMLE exams. Your dreams of a successful medical career in the United States are within reach with our guidance.

Step into Your Bright Medical Future

The USMLE exams are a significant milestone on your path to a rewarding medical career in the United States. With Dr. Rab, Dr. Ronaldo, and our dedicated team by your side, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re preparing for a future filled with boundless opportunities in the field of medicine.

Don’t let the challenges of the USMLE journey overwhelm you. Step into your bright medical future with confidence. Join USMLE Step Squad’s Tutor Academy, where Dr. Rab and Dr. Ronaldo are here to enrich you with knowledge and support your dreams in the world of medicine.

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